We can build anything you can imagine. 
Our motors, and entire car builds have been circulating the rotary and car community as a whole for over 10 years for being some of the toughest and most powerful engines on the market. Currently our prices vary for our services. If something you're interested in isn't listed, please don't hesitate to call or email us for a special item. All of our rebuilds include an oil change, fresh coolant and a car wash.
These services are based off the RX7 83-93 motors
Diagnosis w/ Compression test - $95 ( 1 hour with Mike ) 
above is required for all tunes in house taken from our shop after break in or out of house
Removal / Install 
(split in half if doing one but not the other)
** The prices do not include housings, plates, or rotors if damaged
Does not include Apex Seals if damaged **
Stock or No porting 
Rebuild with Large Streetport 
Rebuild with Half bridgeport 
Rebuild with Full bridgeport 
Clean/Match porting 
Engine Balancing
(Can discuss lightening, clearance and so on)
6 Half inch through bolting
(includes machine work and parts) 
Housing resurface
** cars shown owned by Daniel Bradley and Jash Mendoza ** 
(Filmed by Mike RX7vargas Youtube channel)
Our typical invoices range from $10-25,000 depending on parts used
If you are upgrading we usually do a full build which we would provide an invoice for:
Rebuild w/ Porting
Standalone ECU
 Coils and Coil bracket for Direct Fire 
Engine Harness
Fuel Rails
Water Neck 
Fuel pump(s)
Fuel Filter
Fuel lines and Fittings
Oil feed and return plus fittings
Turbo kit 
Down / Mid pipe
Intercooler / Radiator plus piping
Clutch / Flywheel 
Transmission / Diff upgrades 
Brake kits 
General Parts (Thermostat, clutch lines, brake lines, Catch cans ect)
** all of these parts don't need to be upgraded if you have already done so **
** owned by Mallory J & Mike Vargas**
Ron with A2D
** owned by Jash Mendoza**
Rew swap Rx8
Motor swap
Interior modifications 
Body Harness 
Body Kit installation and Hardware
Wheel and Tire installation 
Full custom exhaust build or installation 
Water/Air intercooler systems
Wing and Exterior installation
Control arm and suspension upgrades
Hood / Fender exit exhaust system
Battery Relocation kit / Battery tray w/ wiring and install
Clean and Install Carburetors
RB DETT performance
1J and 2JZ performance
LSx performance
We outsource for:
Jdm wheels / lips
Body work / paint 
**RB26 owned by John Begley** 
**2jz owned by Adrien**
** Mikes personal First Gen **
(Filmed by Mike RX7vargas Youtube channel) 
Pricing on above for parts and labor can be discussed over the phone or after a diagnosis of the car in question. We require the car in person for the diagnosis. Mike himself will go over the car with you present and oversee any and all work required for your car to be finished.
**car owned by Gil Ortega (rew swap)**
Usually with these motors they lack enough oil passage to re-use housings. They require resurfacing or full replacement. Most motors detonate due to lack of fuel as well and could potentially dent a rotor or crack a plate. These things are not included in the rebuild and can become extremely expensive. If you have an rx8 and are wondering about the condition of your motor or car in general, please feel free to call or email us for an appointment to get a compression test done. Rx8s usually run lower compression, however they need more maintenance after the rebuild to keep the motor in good working condition.
We suggest changing coils every 30,000 miles and spark plugs at every oil change. You should be changing the oil at least every 5,000 miles. If not you could potentially have starting issues, misfiring, or lag. Please also keep this in mind when purchasing an Rx8 and always suggest having a REAL compression test done on the car before purchasing. 
( from a dealer or individual regardless )