the Vargas Brothers

Michael, John, and their little brother Chris were all born in Puerto Rico. 

When the boys came to live in the US they ended up working for their dad, a lot. They did irrigation and drainage, created landscapes, shoveled snow for businesses and even did home-a-rama. It was while doing this they found an old rx7 in one of the customers garages. Once the boys could, they started driving these cars in autocross and building them in a barn in the backyard.

They had many failures, a few mentors, & many self taught mistakes which led to many successes and fun times with friends. Their friends started getting into the rotaries which sparked a whole new group of car guys in the area. People were intrigued by them and eventually started seeking out the brothers for business.

But with all the happiness came one of the worst things that could ever possibly happen. 

They lost their little brother Chris "Angel" Vargas in an awful motorcycle accident in Virginia Beach. Chris was 19 at the time, and was the glue to the family. Some say the voice of reason, others have said he lit up the room with his smile. Some even go as far to say he was wilder than both Mike and John combined. Those that knew him only loved him, and having lost him devastated an entire community. 

Mike and John created "Angel Motorsports" in their brothers name in 2014. To always remember those good times, and to give to others what they gave to each other. The bond that only car enthusiasts know, the rush that we all feel. They wanted to be as close to their brother as they possibly could. 

We've seen a lot since Angel was created. Youtube videos, collaborations with some of the best in the community, events where we've blown the tires off our cars... We've come a long way. We just have so much gratitude for everyone that has shown us support thru the massive growth spurt we had over the past 3 years. Angel Motorsports VA isn't just a youtube channel, it is business ran soley by Mike himself. We do understand business is business of course, but at Angel Motorsports we do our VERY best to make sure each of our customers feels like family. That our expectations are just as high as yours for your car. 

We are changing rapidly, and currently accepting motors and balancing from all over the country. We're so excited to really get our motors out there to you guys so y'all can experience exactly what we're talking about. 

You all mean the world to us. Thank you.