About Angel

Angel motorsports was launched by 2 brothers 3 short years ago with only a few things on their mind. Their brother, their family, and what they love.. cars.

Michael, John, and Chris "Angel" Vargas all grew up in Puerto Rico where their dad laid a solid foundation of hard work for them. When they moved here, and started working with their dad visiting customers.. they noticed an rx7 in the garage of a man who was more than willing to share with them his stories.

They were obsessed. Soon, their dad was getting them cars to work on and taking them on long weekend trips to get mentored... but the thing about these boys was that they already had solid hard work in their minds.. they were trouble shooters... they were OBSESSED with the rotary engine.They built them on their own, learning and making mistakes of course... out of an old horse barn in their backyard... They started collecting all the generations and working on them individually inside and out until... you know, all of them have 3rd generation rx7s ready to be turned into prime track and show cars.

Chris passed away shortly after due to a motorcycle accident. The accident devastated the entire family, but the brothers stood tall and created ANGEL MOTORSPORTS in their brothers name.

Now, angel is not the "status" or the "fame" we build cars cause we WANT to, because we LOVE to. There is no other life for Mike and John, not since they were kids.. They're committed to providing the most top quality build. We work with what your visions are, and how we can put them to life.

We appreciate all of the support over the past few years, it truly means a lot to us.