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Angel Motorsports

Engine Builds

Engine Builds

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Engine Core

Angel Motorsports is finally offering short block builds!

All Engines are different, but we want to know what you want out of your engine! Please read the entire description below before purchasing.

Our process includes breakdown, inspection, cleaning, porting, balancing, painting, and assembly. ***If YOU supply the core we will send you photos of any damage to your motor internally that may need to be replaced outside of the normal rebuild price.*** The rebuild price includes all brand new internals (bearings, seals, springs, gaskets ect.) We do this because why not while its out. You don't want to deal with taking the motor apart again for something small.

You will need to supply the short block if you are looking for a 12A, 13b NA, 13b TII. Due to the age of these motors they are extremely difficult for us to source. 

We are able to source a REW, 20B, or Renesis (with your RX8 VIN #)

Cost varies per motor

Things that may be discussed after breakdown are below:

Example 1: RX8 owners carry a high risk of their housings being deeply scratched due to lack of oil passage through the motor. We most likely will need to resurface the housings or ultimately purchase two brand new ones. They are quite expensive and we can offer other solutions to assist you if needed. 

Example 2: Detonation : Detonation can happen on any engine but depending on boost flow and quality of the motor in the first place can leave us with several different issues. We could have a dented rotor, scratched housings, cracked plates, cracked eccentric shafts and more. These are all subject to Angel Motorsports since we will not put in a damaged part back into a motor. The motors are of age, so this can also add time since we will need to try to source these parts for you. 


All of our motors are spec'd to our standards and will fit the needs that you want for your car. Keep this in mind when you put in the options for your motor.

* Do you want to street drive this car? - Might be best to stick with a large street port and balance the motor since they are reliable power and easy maintenance. 

* Do you want to Drag Race your car? - Think about the air intake and cooling properties that a semi PP will give you.

* Do you want a show car? - Bridge porting is the way to go! You'll get noticed with the undeniable sound of the rotary. 

* Do you want something well rounded or are you a serious rotary enthusiast? Go for it, just make sure that all of your surrounding modifications are going to support the type of porting that you are putting into the motor. 

 Think about it this way, this is a huge investment for you and you want to make sure that it's not just for nothing. We want to make sure that you're genuinely happy on a daily basis that you chose us and the rotary as your project car. 

God knows we need as many of us as we can! 


Order process :

You can select the option that will best suit your car out of what type of engine/port and if you have the core or not. Our motors come painted as if they were from factory. 

Shipping is usually done through Freight center and varies. Shipping will be billed separately at the end. 

All motor builds are required to pay upfront for service - this allows us to pay for the parts and lead times to get your motor back to you within a 30 day timeframe unless otherwise specified. 

If you have any additional questions please email or with the subject line SHORT BLOCK BUILD INQ. 

I will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Serious inquiries only **

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